Orpheus’ Song


Director: Tor Iben Country of Origin: Germany RunTime: 72 m Category / Genre: Feature, Drama, LGBTQ Block: B Time: 1.55-3.10 pm

Two young men from Berlin win a trip to Greece. During an excursion on the island, they get lost. They reach an abandoned village where they encounter a mysterious man who calls himself, Hercules. They spend the night in a cave and dream a strange dream. The next day, nothing is like it was before….


Director Biography

Tor Iben, born in Hagen Westfalen, Germany, is a self- taught filmmaker. In 1995 he made three medium-length feature films. After that he withdrew from filmmaking to pursue a career in journalism. In 2005, he took up making films again and in rapid succession, made several award-winning shorts and features, which have been screened at more than 200 Filmfestivals all over the world.