LGBTQ+ Shorts #B

  • Touch & Agree


1. TOUCH & AGREE (12m, US) – A film by Juel D. Lane –Info

Touch & Agree explores what it is to be in love and how we commit to another person without losing our own identity; all while navigating the highs and lows of a relationship.

2. PRISM (15m, GER) – A film by Anika Mätzke –Trailer

After a four-year relationship, Mattia and Nils want to find out whether they are really “everything” for each other. They agree to do whatever they want for a year in order to finally have security afterwards. But then Mattia suddenly wants to break off the experiment, overwhelmed by memories of their relationship.

3. WINGS (18m, UK) – A film by Jamie Weston

A heartwarming LGBTQ+ love story that spans over six decades, between two Land Army girls during World War II. A partly silent film, accompanied by a beautiful score, starring BAFTA award-winning actresses Miriam Margolyes, and fifties film legend, Virginia Mckenna.

4. PAULA + FRANCESCA (10m, USA) – A film by Erika Randall

A short dance film that gives trouble to Dante and his ideas about hell and who goes there. A queering of The Inferno’s story of the classic clandestine lovers and their unhappy landing in the Second Circle.

5. THE BINDING OF ITZIK (17m, US) – A film by Anika Benkov

In his online search for bookbinding materials, a middle aged Hasidic bookbinder stumbles across a craigslist ad offering ‘binding lessons for submissive women.’ He responds to it, becoming entangled in an emotionally intense BDSM relationship with a stranger on the internet.

6. ELAINE (8m, UK) – A film by Guillermo Quintanilla-Pinto

Elaine is the story of a trans woman that after facing rejection from her Christian community, decides to find a new church in pursuit of acceptance.

7. HAPPY TIME SOCIAL CLUB (5m, CAN) – A film by Dave Rodden-Shortt

Joseph R. Selsey’s belongings were discovered in shoebox by a dumpster in 2015. They provide us with a rare glimpse into life as a gay man in Vancouver in the 1950s

Total Streaming Time: 01.25m. Foreign language films will have English subtitles. Please note, content may be unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. VIMEO links will go live from 12am ET (Eastern Time) on the 11th February 2021.