LGBTQ+ Shorts #A

  • Do U For U


1. DO U FOR U (4m, US) – A film by Patricia Gloum – Info

This short dance film will inspire those in hope of a unified brighter future.

2. PAINT THE DRAGON’S EYE (14m, UK) – A film by James Lucas

In this directorial debut by Academy Award winning writer and producer James Lucas, Arthur and Otto are late for a very important wedding in the English countryside. Setting off on Otto’s chopper ‘Excalibur’, they encounter a number of obstacles, mankind and environmental, that will test their determination and will.

3. JULKA AND JULIE (30m, GER) – A film by Gloria Stern

At the age of 75, Julia seems to have come to the end of her life, but a letter coming from her first love changes everything.

4. BIRDS OF A FEATHER (2m, US) – A film by Varad Bhamburdekar

In the courtyard of an Indian Palace a male peacock named Kana fails to get his feathers up for a female named Ami until he meets another peacock named Madan with the same problem. They both finally bloom to reveal their feathers and their attraction for each other.

5. PARTICULAR FRIENDSHIPS (20m, US) – A film by Mark Padilla & Nelson Varas-Díaz – Trailer

Susan entered the convent as a naive young woman. There she established a “particular friendship” that would send her on a path of self discovery. Religion, transgression, sexuality, censorship, love and happiness, become intertwined in this short biographical documentary film. Through Susan, we revisit the importance of being unafraid, at all stages of our lives.

6. IDDA (14m, IT) – A film by Salvatore Sclafani – Info

A month before her wedding, Lucia and her fiancé travel to southern Italy to finalise preparations for the event. After reconnecting with her cousin, she begins to question her life choices and future.

Total Streaming Time: 01.24m. Foreign language films will have English subtitles. Please note, content may be unsuitable for children under 15 years of age. VIMEO links will go live from 12am ET (Eastern Time) on the 11th February 2021.