International Shorts

  • Another Place


1. BASTILLE, ALESSIA CARA – ANOTHER PLACE (4m, UK) – A film by Anna Radchenko & Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux – Info

A surrealist music video for English alternative rock band Bastille, featuring Canadian singer, songwriter Alessia Cara. The video stands as an evocative representation of a person’s distress caused by a breakup, seeking to keep one’s inner sanctuary intact by shutting off painful memories trying to make their way in.

2. MATCH (10m, FR) – A film by Martin Geisler – Trailer

Tom, 20 and Max, his basketball partner, have opposing views on how to best approach a girl. While Tom is secretly attracted to Lucie, Max, keen on dating apps, flirts openly with her when they meet for the first time. And so the match begins.

3. DAYDREAM (8m, US) – A film by Alison Faulk

Daydream is a short film that follows a young Italian in London who fantasizes about dancing with his dream girl.

4. 808 (11m, AUS) – A film by Athina Wilson –Trailer

Mars, a young woman with a strong sense of self, is part of an underground subculture that challenges societal norms by endorsing connection and emotion through music and intimacy. She meets Jay, a young man disconnected from his emotions. If Jay takes action, he might be able to move beyond repression and fear and find love.

5. DELIVER ME (15m, UK) – A film by Sam Swainsbury – Trailer

Nat is waiting on the doorstep, for a date she knows is never going to arrive. Mikey is delivering yet more burgers to people who will never remember his name. When he cycles into her life, their fates collide, and they embark on an evening that neither of them expected.

6. I’M COMING! (5m, SWE) – A film by Maria Forslin –Trailer

A group of teenagers party outside. Anja, a seemingly quiet and shy girl, gets an opportunity (via the game hide-and-seek) to be alone with Simon whose girlfriend Isabella counts. Alone with each other and bit drunk, they hook up. They reach their climax when Isabella shouts “I’m coming!”

7. SAUCE (15m, UK) – A film by Daniel Daniel – Trailer

At the drive-thru, a couple discusses what they want – from the menu and from each other.

8. 2 IN A MILLION (4m, US) – A film by J. A. Moreno –Info

The video follows two dancers in one long shot, as they relay the feeling of falling in love and being soulmates.

9. RUMORI (10m, IT) – A film by SÄMEN (Ludovico Amen Galletti & Sami Schinaia) – Trailer

Visually exploring the emotional complexity of a breakup, Rumori has at its core how the lack of understanding and communication between two people can destroy a relationship. Introspective, subtle and beautifully melancholic, the short film stands as a summary of the endless conversations and sleepless nights experienced as two people gradually drift apart and disappear from each other’s minds.

10. DEAR MR BURTON (10m, UK) – A film by Maj Jukic –Trailer

Tim Malloy is a teenager whose life is bleak, misunderstood and full of sighs. While avoiding everything remotely sweet, cute and pleasant, he is struck by the one thing that will laden his life of all the above – love.

11. INSIDE (2m, UK) – A film by Jemma Cholawo & Lois Norman – Info

Sometimes it takes the darkness of a disaster, to throw light on the enduring power of love.

12. GOOD HELP IS SO HARD TO FIND (8m, US) – A film byJake Isaacs – Trailer

A serialized short form series that follows Brendan and Lizzie, a millennial couple in a constant state of simmering crisis. Each episode, they take the brave step of meeting with a couple’s therapist in order to knock down their emotional walls, open their hearts, and come closer together.

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