International Narratives (C)

  • At the Strawberry Stand


1. AT THE STRAWBERRY STAND (6m, Austria) – A film by Gerhard Pribek and Marc Weber

A guy passes by a Strawberry Stand, stops to buy a basket. His daydream starts when he immediately falls in love on first sight with the sales woman. Will his future- vision make him smarter?

2. ANOTHER DAY (12m, UK) – A film by Daniel Topic

Sam and Sinéad play out their past, but something is different this time round.

3. TROUBLED TIMES (27m, US) – A film by  Jared Crowelle

Based on True Events-Set in 1982, a 17 year old Irish Catholic kid inadvertently meets a visiting English Protestant girl on a day that will change their lives forever.anger on the internet.

4. LOVE IN THE TIME OF LOCKDOWN (5m, UK) – A film by Harvey Planer

This is a snapshot of my life before and during the covid-19 pandemic, and about how I found love.

5. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION (5m,US) – A film by Victor Jackson

6. THE START OF NOTHING (12m, UK) – A film by Nico Pimparé

During an ill-advised bout of self-improvement, Lucas pulls out his back at the gym. Stuck at home, he comes to rely completely on his housemate, Jesse. As they become closer, the two millennials battle with dangerous feelings for which they have no language.

7. HEART OF ROSEHIP (22m, Denmark – A film by Rune Abildgaard

Young Tea postpones her summer trip to take care of her dying mother on the island she grew up on. Here she meets the charming Anton who distracts her from realizing something is completely off in her childhood home.

8 CAPSIZED (25m, NL) – A film by Lisa Hukker, Chanou van Kalleveen

The homeless couple Björn (45) and Inge (65) rather sleep together on the streets than separated in a homeless shelter. A race against the winter.

9. Irelands Greatest Loves – Michael Collins & Kitty Kiernan (20m, Ireland – A film by Patrick O’Shea

In Ireland’s greatest and most tragic love story, Michael Collins and Kitty Kiernan kept their love alive through the 300 letters they exchanged between 1919 and 1922. These correspondence offer a stunning insight into a tragic love story that took place during a period of great violence, upheaval and change for the nation from the War of Independence, through the Treaty Negotiations and The Irish Civil War.

10. MAY THE WORLD NOT CARRY YOU (4m, Poland) – A film by Rozalia Las

Cel animation, each frame is painted by hand, using acrylic paint. Sad love story inspired by polish folk song. The betrayed girl decides to commit suicide during the wedding of his love.