International Narratives (B)

  • American Romance


1. AMERICAN ROMANCE (7m, US) – A film by Chris Craymer

The film features a series of interwoven interviews with New York couples which includes the LGBTQ community. Each couple opens up about their love for one another. Love and the need for human connection are the unifying bonds they all have in common.

2 IN RESIDENCE (7m, UK) – A film by Nisha Duggal

Tracing a love story through an Indian couple’s migration to Britain in the 1970s. Excerpts from a series of letters exchanged across continents are performed by the letter-writers themselves. Deeply personal, the correspondence belongs to the filmmakers’ parents.

3. HUNNY-BUNNY (5m, US) – A film by Jayden Barrial and David S. Zimmerman 

Hunny-Bunny is a film about a couple with Down syndrome, Blair and Susie, entering their 16th year of true love. Through the good and the bad, ups and downs this relationship thrives. Their love is something that we all wish we had.a

4. THE EMPIRE OF BUTTERFLIES (13m, FRANCE) – A film by Viktor Bernard

A man randomly meets a woman in a train station.
What began as a brief encounter gradually turns into an obsession, as he starts to reenact the scene in his mind.

5. LOVE (19m, UK) – A film by  Jane Ashmore

An unrequited love story, starring British autistic TV and film actor Jules Robertson. This bittersweet film tells the story of Oscar, a complex character with unique needs but the same hopes and desires as anyone.

6. LOVELY (23m, UK) – A film by Koziel Florent

Disasters, humiliations and bumpy romances : these are the experiences that James, a thirty-something encounters from his friends and marital relations as he finds new ways to search for himself London 2021.

7. MOHA (22m, France) – A film by Bastien Bouillon

Moha and Lucie had a great love. Today, they are separated. Moha doesn’t know how to survive this breakup. Sometimes he follows Lucie, who met Martin.