International Narratives (A)

  • The Sacred


THE SACRED (16m Australia) – A film by Meg Donnelly, Marisa Martin

A girl is torn between her love for the Sacred and a boy who is best friends with an enigmatic tree. When she experiences an unexpected trauma she must call on the healing power of nature and intimacy to find her true path and self.

YOUNG LOVE IN A DIRTY PLACE (4m, Latvia) A film by Reinis Spaile

A girl explores multiple ways of closing the door to save their first relationship crisis. 

A ROLL IN THE HAY (18m France) – A film by Geoffrey Fighiera

Laurent takes mistress his country vacation home for the weekend leaving his wife, Isabelle, bedridden and in the midst of a nervous breakdown. But Isabelle surprises them in the house, armed with a revolver and determined to make them face the price of betrayal…

DIALOGUES (7m, Poland) A film by Roman Przylipiak

Based on True Events-Set in 1982, a 17 year old Irish Catholic kid inadvertently meets a visiting English Protestant girl on a day that will change their lives forever. 

BY NIGHTFALL (15m, Indonesia) A film by Bonaventura Ezra Pradipta

As he comes home to his eroded-by-development hometown, Raka, and his girlfriend, Irma, make a tour around their dreams to live in a modern house. The tour leads them into question about dreams and reality.

HERE & AFTER (62m Canada) – A film by Shaun Crawford

Out on a day pass from an in-patient treatment program, Ray meets Arora, a woman who claims to experience life backwards one day at a time.

STING LIKE A BEE (5m Italy – A film by Leone

A modern take on traditional courting, Sting Like a Bee is a musical journey in collaboration with jazz pianist Ze in the Clouds. The short film takes us on a quest in search of love through the streets of the Italian southern town of Vasto.