Gifts Of The Heart


Director: Chris Craymer Country of Origin: United Kingdom Runtime: 22 minutes Category / Genre: Romance, Drama, Short Block: C Time: 3.15-4.35 pm + Q&A

This sensitive portrayal of a young woman’s emotional journey is both thought provoking and moving. It is an emotional tour de force as Lucy experiences love, loss, happiness, anger, and passion over three turbulent years. Stars Tamzin Merchant and Mike Beckingham. Director Chris Craymer will attend the screening.


Director Biography

Chris Craymer is first and foremost a storyteller. Whether he’s working on editorial or advertising stills, directing commercials, or as an independent filmmaker, Chris’ trademark is his ability to elicit subtle, fascinating truths from his subjects. He creates work that is both relatable and aspirational. As such he creates moments of love, confusion, trust, delight, or fear in ways that fascinate and intrigue us. By putting his emphasis on story and authenticity as opposed to “perfect pictures,” Chris creates unusually evocative stills photography, witty and/or compassionate commercials, and tender, yet powerful film narratives. His key is simple. Always intelligent and empathetic, he creates a safe environment for his cast. Full of encouragement and gentle direction he creates an atmosphere of fun and laughter. The compliment he always loves best is when someone leaves set saying it was their “best day ever.”