Accord Parfait


Director: Xavier Inbona Country of Origin: France RunTime: 00.15 Category / Genre: Short, Drama Block: A Time: 12.30-1.40 pm + Q&A

When Victor was young, he indirectly caused the death of his parents by refusing to attend a piano audition. Afterwards, he promised himself he would fulfill his mother’s dream : to win the prestigious Tchaikovsky contest. At 36, he is finally ready to win but it will be his last opportunity. Nothing must stand in his way, or he will never be able to forgive himself. Director Xavier Inbona will attend the screening.


Director Biography

Xavier Inbona is an actor and novelist who has starred in more than 30 films. His latest novel “For You” was published by Harper Collins. He is also the writer- director of several award-winning. and was one of the thirteen directors chosen by French film director, Claude Lelouch, to produce his “Ateliers du Cinéma”.