A Taste Of Yellow


Director: Marc Peters Country of Origin: Germany Runtime: 15 minutes Category / Genre: Romantic Short Block: E Time: 6.20-7.35pm + Q&A UK Premiere

A compassionate waiter provides his car for a self-driving transportation network. During one of his rides he falls in love with the voice of a young woman, but after an unexpected encounter with her at work, he struggles to approach her. Director Marc Peters & Cinematographer Benjamin Meyer will attend the screening


Director Biography

Marc Peters fascination for film started with stop-motion films on his first camera-phone. He began shooting bmx and other fun videos whilst hanging out with friends, and developed a passion for editing. After graduation from school in 2015, Marc started a director’s internship on the television series “Club der roten Bänder” which turned out to be the most successful series in Germany that year. During some time travelling in New Zealand, he wrote his first feature film screenplay and in 2017 enrolled at JGU Mainz to study film. There he developed “A Taste of Yellow” (2019) with his colleagues, with more to come…