Unsent Letter


Director: Christian Gordine Runtime: 8m Country of Origin: UK Genre: Romance, Drama, LGBT Screening: 13.02.19 BLOCK A: TREASURED MEMORIES 4.00-5.45PM

Unsent Letter tells the story of Brian Keith, a man in the winter of his life whose days are spent reflecting on the life he has lived. One particular memory that permeates his mind is that of an unsent letter he wrote as a young man. A letter to his lover, a fellow soldier whom he met whilst stationed in North Africa in 1943. Brian Keith relives the moment he first put pen to paper some fifty years ago, remembering vividly not only the wonderful memories he shared with his lover, but also the tragic reason why the letter was never sent.

The Filmmaker

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Christian Gordine is a Welsh filmmaker based in London with a background in social interest and LBGTQI+ films. “I originally discovered Brian Keith’s letter to Dave back in 2014 whilst in an internet rabbit hole; I found it on the site Letters of Note, which is dedicated to unearthing lost and beautiful letters throughout history. In 2018 I decided that I wanted to bring to life Brian Keith’s words and Unsent Letter is now my homage to both Brian Keith and Dave. I hope my interpretation of the letter will move people in the way the letter has moved me, and remind it’s audience of their own experiences of loss and love alike, and of all the love letters that they never sent.”