Tangent Orbits


Director: Niccolò Valentino  Runtime: 12m Country of Origin: Italy Genre: Romance, Drama Screening: 13.02.19 BLOCK B: MODERN LOVE  6.00-7.55PM

Love or ambition? Sometimes in life we must make difficult choices. Sofia has the opportunity of a lifetime presented to her, but should she risk losing the love of her life to pursue her life’s passion?

The Filmmaker

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Niccolò Valentino was born in Modena, Italy. His passion for cinema began at early age, and he completed his first short film at 17. After completing his studies in Bologna, he took courses in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy and others. He then went on to make several videos and shorts, putting into practice everything he has learnt. Today, Niccolò lives in Milan where he works as a freelance filmmaker.  Website