Swept Away


Director: Thomas Grascoeur Runtime: 12m Country of Origin: USA / FR Genre: Drama Screening: 13.02.19 BLOCK B: MODERN LOVE 6.00-7.55PM

Paris. She’s English, he’s French. A rendezvous in a tea room. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye… Written and produced by Sheri Davenport.

The Filmmaker

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Thomas Grascœur is a French award-winning director and actor. As an actor, he often appears on French Television (Flic Tout Simplement, by Yves Rénier, with Mathilde Seigner and Philippe Torreton, Alice Nevers, Clem, Nos Chers Voisins, Plus belle la vie…). He’s also acting on stage in Paris both in classical and modern plays, and in Vicky Kriep’s last feature, “De nos frères blessés” with Vincent Lacoste. As a director, his two last films have been selected in more than 80 festivals (Palm Springs film festival), and won more than 40 awards. His first one, A Parisian Bourgeois Takes A Break, a modern adaptation from a short story by the French writer Guy de Maupassant, is regularly broadcasted on OCS (Orange Cinema Series) and The App, a comedy about social networks, on ShortsTV.


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