Speed Date


Director: Victoria Scarborough & Tim Pope Runtime: 14m Country of Origin: UK Genre: Experimental, Drama Screening: 13.02.19 BLOCK B: MODERN LOVE 6.00-7.55PM

A guy from out of town locates his ex at a Speed Date in order to propose marriage. 

The Filmmakers

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Victoria Scarborough trained at RADA in the 8o’s. During the nineties and early 2000’s her established theatre, TV and Film career has seen her play many leading and support roles for costume and contemporary drama. For her extensive T.V and Film Credit list between the years 1990 – 2008 Please see Victoria’s IMDB. Working with Chichester University since 2014, Victoria has recently been awarded the position of Program Coordinator & Senior Lecturer for the Screen Acting and Creative Technologies Department. She is married to her long term partner and collaborator, film director, Tim Pope.

Tim Pope began making films aged 9, went to Ravensbourne College aged 18 to study film-making, and got his first job at a company that trained politicians to go on TV. When the pop video boom came along in the early eighties, he helped to push the medium forwards, creating many iconic musical films which people still remember to this day. Subsequently, he directed much work for TV, short films, movies, documentaries and commercials. As well as working these days on many current projects, he also lectures in film at Chichester University and other places. Please visit Tim’s website.