Souls of Totality


Director: Richard Raymond  Runtime: 19m Country of Origin: USA Genre: Sci-Fi Drama Screening: 13.02.19 BLOCK B: MODERN LOVE 5.45-7.40PM

A love story about the intensity of a looming moment that can change everything. Lady 18 (Tatiana Maslany) and Guy 3 (Tom Cullen) have a secret. They are members of a cult that believes if they die during a Solar Eclipse their souls will be taken to paradise. But that’s not their secret… They are also profoundly in love.

The Filmmaker

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Richard Raymond’s debut film “Desert Dancer” opened the 30th anniversary Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2015 and screened at Lincoln Center, the United States Capitol, the United Nations and the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where it was the runner-up for the Audience Award. In addition, “Desert Dancer” won Best Film Choreography at The Fred and Adele Astaire Awards and was nominated for the Golden Frog at Camerimage. The film was also critically praised with Pete Hammond from Deadline claiming “A real screen triumph, powerful, inspiring and beautifully told!” Richard’s 2018 short film, “Souls of Totality”, starring Tatiana Maslany and Tom Cullen premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film contains a five-minute single-take sequence shot during a real solar eclipse, a first in cinema history.