Love Possibly


Director: Michael Boccalini + Che Grant Runtime: 85m Country of Origin: UK Genre: Romantic Comedy, Feature Screening: 13.02.19 BLOCK C: LOVE POSSIBLY 8.15-9.45PM

A rom-com obsessed virgin finally finds a fiancee on a Russian bride site, but he soon realizes Hollywood rom-com rules don’t apply when you’re trying to make a mail-order bride love you. Website

The Filmmakers

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Che Grant and Michael Boccalini have over 20 years of combined experience working within the film industry. Together they have worked on, most notably, their award-winning short film One Night Only (2014), and the TV talk show Ladies Talk on ABN TV. The multi award-winning Love Possibly was born out of a fascination the directors share about human relationships, and how that always leads to, amongst other things, unrealistic expectations in love. While some people go to extreme lengths to find happiness, others easily forego that same happiness for the sake of security. “Although the story has been carefully crafted, improvisation will play a large part and will be both a great source of comedy as well as truthfulness There’s a vulnerability and spontaneity in improvisation that we absolutely love.”