Director:  Cristina Isoli Runtime: 18m Country of Origin: UK Genre: Romantic Comedy  Screening: 14.02.19 BLOCK E: NEW ROMANTICS 5.45-7.15PM

Sean is a quirky musician, who has just moved to London. During an early morning quest for coffee, he meets Summer, a deaf girl who dreams of becoming a pilot. When she loses her keys at a traffic light, the two develop an awkward affection for each other, as they open up about their dreams and future projects.

The Filmmaker

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Cristina Isoli, despite holding an MS in Political Science from the University of Padua, Italy), has a true passion for film. In 2009, she moved permanently to London to pursue this passion. Two years later, she co-founded Avant-Garde Pictures, with filmmaker and close collaborator, Giacomo Mantovani. Together they have produced multiple award-winning shorts, which have screened worldwide at international film festivals. LIGHTNING is Cristina’s debut as writer/director, starring BAFTA nominated deaf actress Genevieve Barr.