A Circle of Diamonds


Director: Michael Biello / Dan Martin / B. Proud Runtime: 4m Country of Origin: USA
Genre: LGBT, Musical Theatre Screening: 13-02-19 Block A: TREASURED MEMORIES 4.00-5.45PM

An original song inspired by and featuring marriage activist Edie Windsor. Edie witnesses a musical scene where two young women reenact Thea’s proposal to her in the 1960’s – when marriage between 2 women was not an option. A celebration of the enduring power of love!

The Filmmakers

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Michael Biello and Dan Martin are award-winning songwriters, life-partners, and longtime collaborators who have created a unique body of work in musical theatre, music, dance, performance and visual art. They’ve been making short musical films for over 30 years including Clones in Love (1985, dir. Michael Biello) winner Best Short, San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Video Festival, The Dance (1992, dir. Jim Hubbard) which has been screened worldwide and is in the permanent collection of MoMA, and Lidia (2015, dir. Michael Biello & Aubrey Hays). B. Proud is a fine art and commercial photographer, author of First Comes Love – an award winning book of stories and portraits of enduring LGBTQ relationships, Adjunct Professor at the University of the Arts, and director of the short musical film First Comes Love (2013) in collaboration with Biello & Martin. Visit Website